Mother – Daughter Session- Arlington Heights Photographer

Mom wanted some special images of just her and her baby girl…. because she is no longer a baby anymore!

I think we accomplished just that! Her daughter is going to love seeing these images in their home everyday reminding her how much Momma loves her.


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This mom and daughter joined in my Busse Woods Mini Sessions last weekend. This was the perfect way to use a mini session!

I am wishing I had some of these precious images with my daughter! I need to get her out with me soon.


Filling a Home with Artwork

Some gorgeous artwork went home today. Two images printed on a standout mount, ready to hang in the clients home, along with a wooden print box filled with a 5X7 print of each of the final 40+ images from their session. The wooden box looks gorgeous out on a table or book case and makes it easy for your family and friends to look through the images. Having family photos around the home boosts the self esteem of the child, making them feel important and loved. It also provides great conversation for guests and family.






Schaumburg Fall Portraits – Simple Session

It was very tough for mom to everyone together. I can image with 7 teens (or almost teens) with jobs, sports, college and other events that pull them in all directions. I know I have a difficult time coordinating with just two! However, they pulled it off! We were able to schedule everyone on a Sunday night at Busse Woods which provided the most gorgeous fall colors. I am not sure who was in charge of outfits but they rocked it! Perfect colors for our setting.

And what a fabulous group of kids. They seem to have great relationships that will last them for years to come. Thanks to Mom and Dad for bringing them all out and creating some great images that they will be very thankful for down the road.







Family – Downtown Arlington Heights

I have been lucky enough to photograph these girls for the past few years. I met them when there was only three little blonde beauties and now there are five. This session went amazingly well and seamless.

Last session I had with them, their third daughter was the baby. This session she was anything but the baby, she was a proud big sister helping with the twins and boasting with pride the whole time. It is great to watch my families grow and I can’t wait to see the great relationship these girls develop over time.












Brothers Fall Mini Session – Des Plaines, IL

The first time I met these brothers they were with about 6 of their cousins as we juggles getting all them to sit for a cousins portrait for grandma. It was wonderful to have them back and spend some time with these two, all handsome and growing up. They were full of silliness and giggles for 20 minutes while we captured some great fall photos for Mom. And Mom did a great job on these adorable outfits.







Reasons to sign up for a Mini Session

Here are just a few:

  1. Mini Sessions are short and sweet. You get a few images of your family and your kids while being outside and enjoying the moment. The sessions go by so quick that your kids don’t start asking if they are done yet. They have fun playing outside and don’t see it as a chore.
  2. If you think family photos are a daunting, exhausting and just cannot bring yourself to do them, Mini Sessions are the answer! Any client who has signed up for one because a full session was too much to even think about doing, has been super relieved to find that it is not exhausting. In fact, I always hear ‘I wish we did this sooner.’ Its a quick simple photo, don’t sweat the clothing details, take some simple clothing you already own and try out a photo session. Its a great way to sample a photo session.
  3. Mini Sessions are a great deal. You get the best of the best. We spend the 20 minutes creating 10 gorgeous images and because there are other families involved in my time through out the day, you get a discount on the time but NOT on the quality.
  4. If you avoid all Mini Sessions or photo sessions all together, I beg you to stop now and try out a mini session. There are tons of articles on why family photos should be taken and displayed in your home supporting that it boosts self esteem in children of all ages to have photos of themselves and their family around their home. Professional images and art work also provide long lasting imagery for decades to come.
  5. Gifts! They make excellent gifts! Grandparents and relatives can be difficult to buy for, but they love family photos. Frame them, give them an ornament or a photo cube, we also have adorable mini accordion books that are a grandparent favorite. Mini Sessions make gift giving easy, meaningful and will last more then just the holiday season but for generations to come. You could be done with most of your shopping BEFORE thanksgiving!
  6. Pets are family too! Mini sessions easily accommodate the furry members of your family because they are outdoors at pet friendly locations. Make sure to let it be know you are bringing a pet so we give you the best time slot and location for you family.
  7. You won’t regret this investment. You won’t. You can’t. This is the best gift you can give yourself, your kids and your family. It is an investment that will last you longer then this year and it will bring you joy for years to come. It will being your kids joy for years to come.

Call or email today to get your spot this weekend. If you missed this weekend, email and request to be added to the mailing list to make sure you do not miss future sessions. Green Chair and Snow Sessions to come!